I call her Mudzo, but she’s well known as NatalieA lady of substance, well-favored bodilyA friend by fate or perhaps coincidenceA divinity of beauty, a soul full of brillianceHeaven sent, she glitters in a diamond radianceOne of a kind, hot than fireArouses my manly aura, overborne by desireShe’s anything and everything a friend can enquireI […]

I wish…

I wish I could leave,her Love falsifies my choice I wish I could scream, her threats kill my voice I wish I could be happy,her moods ends my rejoice Its frantic, chaos,seeking solace in classicals From pop to a lover of Alessandro safina music Its either we basic or acidic… This relationship is indeed chemistry […]

Without You

Without you,my thoughts became suicidal Convinced that I was down to survival For I was fond of you,my tender heart idol Without you,my vision is hopeless Left alone with my loneliness Can’t find my focus,feeling homeless Without you,I feel my soul slip away Unhappy, the pain never go away Struggling to stay,an inch from giving […]


I used to think I’ll never fall in love again For all i had to endure, the loads of pain Now can see a new dawn of much gains Love is back in town, its love’s reign Season for the insane Liking without having to explain From love I’ll never abstain Maybe sex i can […]

In love there is Hate and Detest Threshholds used in love test But ANGER is an emotion of the mind…………………………………………