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No amount of time with her is ever enough for me
She makes me remember how to feel so alive
She’s endorphins, serotonin and dopamine for am always happy around her
She’s my own internalized challenge as hardship, with her there is nothing negative and potentially disruptive
She’s the kind of Love that makes you see the power of beauty in the unexpected
She’s a master and a captain and am her captive
She is candidly attractive and infinitely addictive
By her love, love, love… I am well protected
She has me, she has my heart – all I can do is stare in her alluring eyes
They are so beautiful, small as if to be Asian
My priority are set, all I need is love that never checked her Ass yanii😂
Even on my bad days I love her, Mikuu
Seldom do I care about her flaws, 🎵we’re only humans after all🎵… All I care about, is for her Love and heart
Even in the middle of the night
She is forever worth the fight
Am grateful she steered me into the light
I just want to remind her too of what she deserve and may my love shine upon her so bright
I’ve found myself in her, please tell her to stay with me… We belong together
And like her there can never be another
Tell her she’s worthy to be my kid’s mother…
Altogether my bodily organs vouch for her, and the Lord, and for no other
Tell her I’m not networking, so I don’t need to roam
For she colors me with feelings of her heart and with her am Home!
#@cyrilbriva #@Love♥



I want to resurrect her demons
Make them bow and worship my sermons
I want to make love…
Pin her against the cold asphalt at night… I’ve always dreamed of this… 😂
As I slither my tongue in tour of a lifetime
Limitless emotions and desires
She is water and she is on fire…
She’s light and am dark but that doesn’t deter me from wanting her hard
I like how she keeps me in check… Half holier half worldly
As my wantons make me a believer
She comes in as my savior…
A lot of love stories in the world
They surpass what I have for her…
But I’m giving it my all, in seconds can kill just to have her
Sometimes I doubt her commitment but it isn’t in my hands to mold it into my desire
She rules my emotions, my future wife
😂😂😂 I laugh because fate has many treacherous ways or plans
But I choose to trust her to be mine for life
If there were roads to heaven, she is one definitely
The prudent woman bespoke in the verses…
All I need is prayers though yet…..

“You are my constant happiness”

My Journey has been a trek from Egypt to Canaan
A lost cause with nothing to hold onto
An infinitesimal leap of faith and trust upon you to save me with "love manna"
Without your amendments to my case, deeper I shall fall
You're my pair, this life minus you am in despair 
You found me broken to an extent beyond repair, 
Mended my soul, my heart and my volition you restored, 
I love you more than "and i will always love you🎶"
I want to live, love and laugh
I want to love you and be loved back
I want you as my favorite snack 
I want you to support me as I backup your goals too
I want to wed you, to sire a Briva junior with you
I want a family, perhaps to your Parents I should table this formally 
I feel like am I a battle where I need to sacrifice myself for a victory 
Nevertheless, Canaan is the destination to yearn for 
And happily you shall live thereto... 
Yes I've changed, perhaps I wasn't meant to be given love
Instead the opposite... 
But I'll hold you still, place my flame
in the most private part of your soul
Make you glow, give you my eyed and my rawest, unedited love 😍 
A happy life it will be, if you'll choose to be my wife...



Don’t leave me, you are the one I truly love
Don’t fail me, you’re the only one my heart beats for
My heart won’t tell you No… for its yours, I have had it reserved
My loyalty won’t fade, my unwavering trust you deserve

You’re beautiful and always right
I’ll do everything for you, for better for worse if need be I’ll fight
Tell me you love me, show me in needs and deeds
Spike my moods because in you I find my hood… spite my hunger for you, you satisfy me like high grade weed and the richest food

I will be your personal doctor, attending to your wounds and soothing your scars
I will be your personal guard to protect and send away your fears
Let me be your hankie and wipe them tears as they are born in your eyes
I’ll be your heart keeper, protecting and nourishing it, in my hands it won’t tear

My heart beats with the hum of your love and trust
We sync completely, with you we have a rhythm
With you in my life am never empty nor lonely
I can feel a perfect love with our hearts connected

#Cyril Briva

She Loves Me Not


Endless emotions, Heart beats in distortions
Broken dreams, tears in streams
Love is fancy, Love needs truancy
Tried all spells, My very best to charm but failed
I’m home for you to stay, yours to play
No matter what you do, I’d still love you
I meet you the days I’ve lost you
It compels me to hold on tight
Chemistry doesn’t come easy
For you I’m holding on, if needed be Imma fight
I’m with you, for you’re that strong corner stone
All though nowadays umeanzaanza kustone
You always there to prove chivalry isn’t dead
Ain’t ever felt this way, you all over my head
I’m head over heels, ready to buy your meals
I’m numb over you, your absence crush me
Tried many medications still I can feel your everything
I’m taking my chance, please take my hand
It takes me by surprise, I want to you be my HUSBAND
[“How I wish all this was your writing”, says my Heart]

I’m lost in my head game!


Were your feelings for me on an impulse
Or were my feelings for you a mystery
We were the same, you and I…
A couple 👫 unbreakable, emotions devoid of hope
For it is only fools who love with hope…
My love for you was a commitment of vows
With not a thing in returns of expectancy
I’ve never been so drowned, your silence speak loud
I feel like an alien 👾 in this world, one which I care for someone of which am not allowed to
One minute we’re in shangri-la, the other ends with a cliffhanger
It is strange and I’m not sure if I’m out of danger
Insomnia gets me up all night long, I’m lost every time trying to ideate of love
My feelings have the better of me, I feel like I’m starving
If only I could look into your heart, sync that beat with mine
For it seems you’re giving up even before we start, it hurts
Yet I need you now than ever, for you are entangled in my future, to keep you I want forever…
Can’t tell if I’m going insane, can’t know why I’m lost in my head game
Am in dementia of your name, all I need is your wild heart to tame



Moyo wangu sio mpira, mateke kuupigapiga
Usinipakulie zako hasira, mie sio yako tiba wala kinga
Ilikushinda subira, ombi langu ukalipingapinga
Kwa nilivokutumainia, ukaonelea bora kutangatanga

Moyo wangu sio danganyadanganya, umechoka kuhanywahanywa
Huba langu aminifu, na wengine Sitaki kuchanganywachanganywa
Moyo wangu hupenda kikamilifu, hata ukinyanyaswanyanyaswa
Moyo wangu mzinga wa asali kuugundua, kuila nyuki watakusumbua

Moyo wangu ni harusi, moyo wangu ni matanga
Nkikuzawadi ni kama kirusi, sipoutunza ni yako majanga
Moyo wangu una wake weusi, moyo wangu una wake mwanga
Moyo wangu thamani, katu siupeani kihubahuba tena asilani…


We lost touch!


I care very much for you,
I’d love that one day be as good as you think I am,
But never in this life I suppose, have I lived up to your expectations,
Forgive me for this burden but I fear your time I have wasted,
I’m here for the liquor, laughter and the moments
I never meant to furnish you with my played-out heart,
I wish I could help but seems everything in me is at war
I feel like my veins are constricting and letting you go is tearing me apart
But that doesn’t justify the need for me to cling on you like before
I just don’t want to see myself demented, stressed or unhappy anymore
Life is seemingly short than I imagined it to be
I’m allowed to hurt and it’s okay for me to cry,
Separate ways we should go, my servitude is longer of importance to you
I am unable to love, unable to be your lover, unworthy to be your keeper
You have taste, free to escape… Just go I won’t hate…



Sikuajaliwa moyo chuma
Kuhimili yake mahaba maumivu
Kanichoma, mtima waniuma
Tele imenijaa simanzi. 
Maisha yamenikwisha hamu
Kanitia karaha rohoni mwangu
Usoni sina tena tabasamu
Nashindwa kumuita mpenzi wangu. 
Yamekwisha mwagika maji
Abadan!  Hayazoleki
Msamaha umeupata… 
Ila sije nifanya moyo ukanitapatapa
Wewe u wangu ‘wife material’ 
Jichunge usijeliwa na wadudu kama ‘cereal’




Am back…

Back from the fantasies we lived on yet the reality could have served us better.  Am back from all the lies that we subjected each other to, yet truth always found itself to us. Am back  from all the sorrows and pains we induced to each other, yet dialogue has been ever a choice that we could have resorted to for everything to be Ok! Am back from feeling like a misfit, Am back from perfection expectancy of your conduct, Am back from wantons of a submissive you little did i know should have treated you with equality and understanding… Am back healed from the jealous of  “vile wewe huact unanipenda but yet uko busy na maboy wengine…It pains but najua hakuna vile unaeza confess 100% unanipenda” Am back from my wishes of you to love me. Am back from all my poor judgement of pushing you away… yes am also back from the regrets of losing you to… Sorry for the TEARS i made you weep, sorry for the pains and aches i caused your heart, guess by now you know how it feels… Now that we even for I’ve  always melted to your defeat before, i wish to call a truce between and from hate to love, enemies to friends… Am back with my friends and enemies collected and i plan not to transfer any of them to you nor do is it my intention to inherit yours too… for if i said “I LOVE YOU” right now and be it that i meant it truly what will you say???… Mukhlis’s daughter…